Monday, 12 May 2014


Just a brief biography today to commemorate the birth of my maternal Great-Great Uncle, William. The tenth of eleven children to William Cunningham Bontine HAMILTON and Janet Cochrane SMITH, William was the younger brother of Great grandma Annie Wilson HAMILTON.

At some time between 1881 and 1891 William and younger brother Stuart moved from Glasgow to Plumstead to live with Annie and her husband John MACKENZIE. It is quite possible that the move was prompted by the promise of employment as William worked at the Woolwich Arsenal with his brother-in-law for many years.

In 1901 William married Agnes Catherine MYERS and they had four children; John Greig born 1903, Ronald Stuart born 1904, Edith Greig born 1906 and Dorothy May born 1909. 

William died in Plumstead on May 2nd, 1954. 

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